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Packing Details:
1pc -  MICARE Battery
2pcs - Adapter
1pc - USB Cable
1pc - User Manual
1pc - Lanyard

• Size(mm): 56 × 43 × 14.8
• Battery Capacity: 700mAh 
• Standby Current: <50uA 
• Input voltage: 3.3V-4.2V 
• Output voltage: 3.0V-4.1V 
• Output wattage: 5W-25W 
• Charging Current: MAX: 0.4A
• Charging Voltage: 5V 
• Preheating output: 1.3W 
• Overcharge Voltage: 4.3V 
• Over discharge Voltage: 2.4V 
• Overcharge Current: 1.0A

1. Vibration function and LED design shows the using status
2. Three times vibration when one inhale exceeds 8 seconds
3. With 10 second-preheat function
4. Adjustable voltage to offer different vaping effects
5. Upgrading and Charging
6. Glossy finish and sleek cobra/resin
7. Perfect size and contoured shape
8. A lanyard is available in the package

- 510 thread.
- Perfectly compatible with SMOK MICARE T1/Q1 Cartridge

Shipping Restriction:
Due to exclusive distributor agreements with SMOK, we do not sell or ship SMOK products to customers in Poland.
Product No: 29410

700mAh MICARE Battery DK TPD Label

The SMOK MORPH Battery is a compact and exquisite device, and has 700mAh high power capacity. You can get long vaping time and adjust the voltage to feel different vaping effects.