Apple, apple, apple, apple, apple, apple, apple PIE --- irresistible! This aroma of light cake batter and warm apple cinnamon filling will make you crazy!
Product No: XEO00700
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Without any ifs and buts, we present you the unique, absolutely fantastic Danish Cinnamon Aroma. Enter the world of taste and sensation with the highest expectations for the grand finale: The Cinnamon Bang!
Product No: XEO01300
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Double the experience, FREEX! Double Apple flavor gives you twice as tasty. This apple flavor is twice as delicious with hints of anise. This flavor is only for adventure-loving Vaper!
Product No: XEO00100
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Instead of smearing honey around your mouth, this flavor makes you taste a juicy honeydew melon around your ears. Honeydew Melon is the answer to hard shell and soft core vape enthusiasts.
Product No: XEO01000
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Who says Santa does not exist past Christmas ?! We know he is on holiday, it's summer somewhere, right ?! Like ice in the sunshine you want to get away with icy-crisp apple delight!
Product No: XEO00600
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Mango Pear is the freaky one! Mango meets pear dancing in cream, they sing 'welcome to the jungle'.
Product No: XEO00400
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Only the brave, only the daredevils will face this taste show! FREEX Mint Grape is your new challenge.
Product No: XEO01100
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FREEX is gonna give it to you - with that lively mojito flavor. This flavor hits you fresh and phat, a FREEX E-Liquid
Product No: XEO00300
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It is not a fairy tale, we want more! We make Rabatz, because we have donuts! What is Rag? We have the Swag in the Flavor, the iridescence of the FREEX. Be prepared for the Aroma Rag Donut, the best of all tastes!
Product No: XEO01400
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Mingle mangle, tingle-tangle the voooh in the voodoo, crunch it up, munch it up. We prefer the freakishly blend of voodoo crunch! The aroma of iced mango makes you go crazy ... is it summer yet ?!
Product No: XEO00200
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