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Athena – Another Trusted Brand in Vaping “ Athena is another vaping product and brand developed by one of the leading manufacturers of e-cigarettes, products and its accessories, GEEKVAPE.” Athena is more focused in the manufacture of vape mods and other accessories that are made of high quality materials. These products have their own unique features that differ from other Geekvape devices. Athena also aims to make their products be part of the leading brands being recognized by many consumers in the vaping world. And because they are also manufactured by their parent company GEEKVAPE, you can be sure that these ATHENA products are highly reliable and durable. The 1350mah Special Battery for Athena E-Juice Tester Station is one of their leading products that are highly patronized by customers in the vaping community. This battery is suitable and compatible for all 22mm tank. The Athena E-Juice Stand - 50 Slot is an accessory used by most vaping establishments for their e-liquids. All slots have batteries included in the package and it is made of aluminum alloy stand with stainless steel 1500mAh battery tube. A “Must-Have” for vape store owners, as part of their e-liquid sales and advertising. These and other Athena products can be purchased from the leading distributor of Athena products and all other well-known products and brands – EFUMA.COM. Consumers are rest assured that all EFUMA merchandises are reliable, durable and authentic. Furthermore, strict compliance for the sale and distribution of all vaping products and accessories are required and EFUMA passed this compliance not only from FDA but also from TPD-compliant agencies that evaluate and approve such sale and distribution. For wholesalers, bulk orders are offered by EFUMA at reasonable prices, cheaper than their competitors. And for countries that are situated in Europe, a day-to-day shipment is now provided for these EU countries for better business transactions and faster delivery service of their orders.