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Atom Vape – A new Brand for your Excellent Vaping Pleasure “Atom Vape is one of the leading vape brand in the vaping market and specializes in the manufacture of the best precision vaping devices that are utilized by many consumers in the vaping industry and community.” Atom Vape is a new brand of e-cigarette product that is also making waves in the vaping market. They also manufacture high quality vaping products and many customers are relying on their devices because of its large cloud production and ergonomic designs of their vape kits. The ATOM Viper Subxero Kit with Viper Atomizer - 1100mAh contains a 1100mAh sub-ohm battery with a patented SUBXERO OCX-110 chip-set which results in massive vapor production and allows you to use the device while the battery is on charge. This kit includes a Venom Nano Tank with SnakeBite coils that have ThrottleTek variable liquid flow technology, letting users control the amount of liquid seeping on to the heating element. It has powerful sub ohm capabilities allow it to fire all types of tanks seamlessly. Its tank has both an airflow controller and e-liquid controller as well. With additional features of overcharge and over discharge protection, this is an advanced e-cigarette made to be user-friendly to even the newbies in the vaping community. Give yourself the pleasure that you want in vaping, and this Atom Viper Subxero, as well as other Atom Vape products, will give you the excitement you are searching for in an e-vape. Just get it from the leading name in distributorship of ATOM products and other great vaping products and brands sold in the market. Products offered by EFUMA adhere with the strict compliance required by FDA and other TPD-governing agencies for the sale and distribution of these vaping merchandises. Aside from being compliant, all their devices are reliable, durable and 100% genuine. For the wholesalers, grab these products in bulk orders and you can get them in reasonable prices, giving every wholesaler the opportunity to gain profits in the future. Finally, EFUMA now has a day-to-day shipment of their products in countries positioned in the European continent. You got nothing to lose with every Atom Vape product, and get it only from EFUMA.COM- EU leading distributor and supplier of electronic products and other vaping accessories.