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• Diameter: 0.4mm (26GA)
• Length: 152.4mm (6inches)
• Materials: Kanthal A1

- Pls wrap the heating coil around the absorbent cotton according to your demand and then fit it on the atomizer.

- Note: Pls do not dry burn the cotton directly, otherwise it might get on fire. Drip little e-juice in the absorbent cotton to make that moist before filling in the e-juice.

- Twisted wire provide more surface area and lower ohms. But it will take too long to heat up.

- Therefore please avoid twisting massive wires and limiting the number of wraps or vape at higher wattage.
Product No: 944

Atomizer DIY Twisted Wire Shots (2 wires Kanthal A1 D=0.4mm 26GA)

UD Atomizer DIY Kanthal Twisted Wire Shots is specially used for Electronic cigarette heating. Ready to use, well wrapped. Best choice for eCig DIY fans.