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BigMouth E-Liquids – Mouth-watering flavors for your vaping experience “ BigMouth E-liquid is a premium e-liquid and flavor concentrate that is one of the best-selling vape juice brands in the vaping market. Giving the best e-liquid concentrates for the best vaping pleasure of their consumers for more than five years.” “ BigMouth is a company providing high quality aromas and e-liquids that are manufactured from their highly efficient, ISO-certified laboratories, thus, assuring every consumer of the quality of the final product in the market. BigMouth only uses food flavors, and have a specific technique to confirm that the proportions of concentrates and e-liquids in their product is extremely accurate. BigMouth package consists of either a box with a flavor concentrate for DIY ( Do-It-Yourself) preparation and a 10ml empty bottle for mixing with other ingredients needed for your vaping. Another package comes with a flavor concentrate of 10ml for DIY, a 30ml flavor concentrate for DIY, and a 30ml empty mixing bottle. For the other ingredients, there are instructions given by the box and therefore the flavor concentrate should be mixed with PG/VG base for instant flavor that suits your taste. All these flavor concentrates are equipped with Child-resistant dropper caps. And you can get these exciting BigMouth flavor concentrates only from the leading distributor of well-known vaping products and e-liquids, EFUMA.COM. As Efuma looks and listens to its consumers, their products are all reliable and genuine. Furthermore, all its merchandises passed all the requirements needed to be approved by FDA and other national regulatory bodies that evaluate and approve the sale and distribution of all vaping products and e-liquids in local as well as international stores. Therefore, consumers of these vaping products are rest assured that EFUMA products are compliant. And since they offer bulk orders, wholesalers have the chance to get these products in a much cheaper price compared to their competitors, giving the wholesalers the edge of gaining profits from this kind of business enterprise. And for countries located in Europe, EFUMA has a day-to-day shipment of their merchandises to these countries, and business transactions are therefore established and continuous. So as a vaper, whether a newbie or an experienced user, give yourself a try of these BigMouth flavor concentrates and e-liquids, only from the trusted distributor in the market- EFUMA.COM.”