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Blitz Enterprises Inc – Making a name in the Vaping industry “ Blitz Enterprises Inc is a company that has been in the e-cigarette business for more than 6 years. With their own brands and original designs, they aim to give vapers fantastic vaping experience.” Blitz E-cigarette always try to come up with something new based on their customers’ demands and choices. Blitz started with a small sales group and now, they have their own factory, with a perfect combination of passionate production and sales team, so perfect to guarantee your products’ quality and after-sale service. Blitz may not be a very famous brand that you are known right now, but they have been engaged in this field for a long time and never stopped to keep pace with the development of e-cigarette and meet the demands of vapers. You can give yourself a shot of their own products and they will make a difference. Because Blitz looks at the demands of the users in the vaping community, they are continuously doing its efforts to make and introduce more merchandises in the vaping market. With its team of people in the new generation, this company is into innovation and further research and development to discover and manufacture better products, far better than those brands being sold in the market. Never be left behind with your vaping experience and have a shot of Blitz e-cigarettes and other Blitz vaping products. Where to get these Blitz merchandises? Just visit the leading distributor of Blitz vaping products and other well-known brands and its products. Every merchandise offered by EFUMA is compliant and adheres with the FDA and other regulatory agencies that approve and certify its sale and distribution to the local market as well as in the global market. All products of EFUMA are sold in bulk orders, thus giving wholesalers opportunity to profit from this type of business since they can get these products in a much cheaper price, as compared from their competitors. For countries located in Europe, there is a day-to-day shipment of EFUMA products, thus, giving both parties better business transactions and delivery service. Come and try any Blitz vaping product and see the difference. Get it only from EU leading distributor and supplier of electronic products and other vaping accessories.