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Capella Flavors – Great Aroma for A Trusted Brand in Vaping “Capella Flavors is the first company to develop a distinct aromatic product where sweeteners are not included, that means, no sweeteners added- both natural and artificial.” “ Capella Flavors are water soluble, highly concentrated, multi-purpose flavor concentrates. They can be used in the creation of DIY (Do-It- Yourself) e-liquids. These e cig flavors are so versatile that they can even be used to improve the tastes of your favorite foods and desserts or as enticing additions to designer coffees and teas. The beauty of Capella concentrates is that they can be easily adjusted to the specific strength levels you choose. Use a little, or use a lot. The taste of your e-liquid really depends on you. The highly concentrated nature of our Flavors allows us to provide a superior flavor concentrate, without preservatives and stabilizing agents. We use only the purest, high quality ingredients in our flavor concentrates. If you are trying to quit traditional smoking once and for all, and switch to electronic cigarettes, vaping the same e-liquids can lead you to an upsetting experience in the long run. With these Capella Flavors, by creating your own e-juice flavor, surely you will always be on the “ right track.” Where to get these mouth-watering flavorings for your e-juice? Just visit EFUMA.COM, the leading distributor of well-known vaping products including CAPELLA Flavors, and your vaping experience will never be the same again. EFUMA.COM not only offers their products to consumers but sees to it that they get what they want for their vaping needs and pleasure. Furthermore, clients are rest assured of their products’ adherence to the strict compliance required not only by FDA but by the different agencies giving certifications for its sale and distribution. When you buy Capella Flavors at EFUMA, there is a wide variety of options that you can choose from: from 13ml bottle to 50 gallon drum of your favorite Capella Flavors. And you can get it in bulk orders, so, for the wholesalers out there, EFUMA offers these products on a much reasonable price compared to other distributors in the market. Thus, giving opportunity to profit from this business venture. And for countries in Europe, there is always a day-to-day shipment of their products so you can be sure of a much better business transaction with EFUMA. For your exciting e-juice flavors, use Capella Flavors, only from EFUMA.COM. “