Chill Pill

Chill Pill – E-Juice that chills your vaping pleasure! “ Chill Pill Concentrates is another brand of E-liquid designed specifically for your e-vape. Chill Pill e-liquids are made for DIY recipes, and offers you a fresh and acidic candy with a mixture of Lemon, Lime and Green Apple.” “Chill Pill Flavor concentrates are flavorings used for e-cigarettes and this brand of product gives every consumer, especially DIY enthusiasts, to design their own flavor combinations that will perfectly suit their tastebuds. Their e-liquids are made only from the finest ingredients and are processed with the best facilities in town. Chill Pill’s goal is to maximize customer satisfaction by developing and providing every client great tasting e-juice concentrates, shortfills, and aroma-shots with trendy style to the vaping community locally and abroad. The Chill Pill Concentrates are available in a 10ml Bottle and must be mixed in a PG/VG base of your choice. The “ Heart Attack French Mocha” Chill Pill gives you the delicious Macchiato Coffee, sugar and cream with notes of Caramel. Just mix it with PG/VG base of your choice for instant vaping pleasure. The “ Karma-Iced Lemon Tea” Chill Pill is a perfect iced lemon tea that will refresh you and even make your day. Good Karma at its best for your vaping pleasure. Give yourself a shot of these Chill Pill flavor concentrates and its variations, only from the leading vaping product distributor – EFUMA.COM. Every product of EFUMA, including Chill Pill brand, has been strictly evaluated and certified by FDA and other regulatory agencies responsible for the approval of its sale and distribution, not only within the country where vaping is authorized legal, but also internationally. EFUMA makes it sure that their products are reliable, 100% genuine and safe for the vaping public. And since these products are sold in bulk orders, wholesalers can get these in cheaper prices, giving them the chance to gain more profits in the future. And since EFUMA has a day-to-day shipment in countries positioned in the European continent, they are sure that business transactions will be smooth and efficient and products will surely arrive on time to its destinations. If you are looking for a chill, then take the pill- Chill Pill e-liquids, only from the leading distributor – EFUMA.COM.