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Chubby Gorilla – Products and Accessories for your e-vape “ Chubby Gorilla® was created with a primary objective in mind: to produce great products that consumers will love to use. Their products are made from high quality materials and perfectly engineered to meet every customer’s needs.” This company, Chubby Gorilla®, has produced a line of vaping accessories that differ from other brands. With their talented team of engineers, they work rigorously to create unique products that meet the consumers’ vaping needs. The mission statement of Chubby Gorilla® is “Engineered For A Purpose, Designed For A Purpose.” And with this mission, they consider their consumers to be the primary benefactors of their merchandises. 1pc 60ml Chubby Gorilla V3 PET Transparent Black Bottle with Black Cap is made not only for e-liquids for a variety of purposes. It is made with new and improved V3 drop tip technology to reduce waste and leakage. It also has a childproof hood and is slim enough to be brought handy and travel-easy. 1pc 120ml Chubby Gorilla V3 PET Clear Bottle with Clear Cap has almost the same features of the V3 PET Transparent Black bottle, but has a 120ml capacity of liquid. And with other bottles made by Chubby Gorilla, it is also pressure sealed tested for maximum durability. For accessories of your e-cigarettes and e-liquids, Chubby Gorilla® got you covered. Just visit EFUMA.COM- the leader in distributorship of Chubby Gorilla products and other well-known brands sold in the market. All these merchandises were evaluated and tested for strict compliance as required by FDA and other regulatory bodies that approve its sale and distribution not only locally but also in abroad. And if you are a wholesaler, grab EFUMA products sold in bulk orders because they offer them in a much cheaper price compared to other sellers in the market, thus, giving every wholesaler the chance to gain profits in the future. They also offer day-to-day shipment of all their products in countries located in Europe, making it possible to have better business transactions and faster delivery of these merchandises to these EU countries. For reliable and durable vaping products and accessories, get yourself a Chubby Gorilla® product, only from EFUMA.COM- the leading distributor worldwide.
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