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Coffee Mill

Coffee Mill – The flavoring that suits your every puff! “ Coffee Mill vape liquids is one brand considered by many consumers because of its high quality flavorings made from top ingredients and are sold in 10ml bottles together with stylish espresso cup when you buy one.” “Coffee Mill’s mission is to provide the vaping community with the best tasting flavorings that are made from high quality ingredients and to make every customer 100% satisfied for every puff of their products. Consumers can get the best from this brand of e-juice because of its perfect flavor blends. They do not use diacetyl, acetyl and acetaldehyde that serve as artificial flavors for such concentrates. The “ Black Currant Cheesecake“ Coffee Mill flavor is a mixture of thick layers of soft, fresh cheesecake together with crushed cookie base balanced with juicy blackcurrant jam. Just mix it with your preferred PG/VG base to give you the best puff of for your e-cigarette. The “Cactus Señor” Coffee Mill flavor gives you a divine taste of cactus juice, but without the thorns. And if you are searching for other variations of Coffee Mill flavor concentrates, EFUMA.COM is the right place to be. EFUMA.COM, a leader in distributorship of Coffee Mill flavorings, and all other e-juice brands and other vaping products, sees to it that all their products passed the requirements set forth by FDA and other regulatory agencies for the sale and distribution of vaping products around the world. EFUMA adheres with the strict compliance as required by these regulatory bodies and consumers are rest assured that all their products are 100 genuine, reliable and safe for vaping. Furthermore, since these products are sold in bulk orders, wholesalers get these products in much lower prices as compared from their rivals in the market. This gives every wholesaler the opportunity to earn profits in the future in this business venture. And because they now have a day-to-day shipment of these products in countries positioned in the European region, therefore all EU countries can now have better business transactions and fast delivery of their merchandises thereof. Experience every puff and flavor of Coffee Mill Flavor concentrates, only from EFUMA.COM, leading distributor in vaping products.