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Council of Vapor (CoV)

Council of Vapor – A new Breed for the New Generation “ Council of Vapor E-cigarette products are vaping devices simply made for adults shifting from traditional smoking to e-cigarette usage. They have simple interface and a variety of flavors that fit every vaper in the vaping community.” “A new brand of vaping product, “Council of Vapor (COV)”, makes waves in the vaping industry because of its array of flavorings and simple interface of their vaping products. Designed with the convenience of consumers in mind, the developers think of everything right from the form to technology used and the flavor. There is simplicity in all aspects and the product meets your standards of smoking perfectly. Users can customize the product to suit individual needs. COV box mods are made of the highest quality materials but simple in design and interface. Like the COV Mega Volt Box Mod, the first 80v mini mod made by COV, this mini mod gives the vaper amazing power. It is actually an upgraded version of the COV Mini Volt Box Mod, having added features. It’s like a smart car having a Ferrari engine. The COV coils are made with high-quality stainless steel heating elements designed for durability, enormous cloud production and powerful flavors. COV tanks are designed to give every user the maximum vaping pleasure they want to achieve. The COV Royal Hunter X RHXT RDTA is the first rebuildable drip tank of COV, an all-in-one dream tank for DIY builders. With Top mounted 2mm flathead screws and multi-winding setup, the Royal Hunter X Tank will definitely bring you a great build experience. With these COV brand of vaping products, you can get the vaping pleasure you always search and it will make you come back for more. Just log-in to EFUMA.COM, the leading distributor of these great products. You are assured that you only get 100% genuine products from EFUMA, moreover, all their products adhere with the strict compliance set forth by FDA and other regulatory agencies that approve its sale and distribution. Wholesalers can get them at a much lower price compared from their rivals, having the opportunity to gain profits in the future. EFUMA has a day-to-day shipment to countries located in Europe, giving both parties better business transactions and faster delivery.