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Driptips Series

Driptip Series- Accessory for your E-cigarette “ Driptip, also known as the “mouthpiece”, is an accessory of a vaping device that is connected directly to the atomizer.” A driptip is a hollow tube and it is where you inhale from your e-cigarette. Driptips come in different sizes, shapes and materials. The most common sizes for driptips are called 510 and 810 driptips. The drip tip is an alternative to the more common e-cigarette cartridge or cartomizer. It's essentially a reusable hollow tube that screws on directly to the atomizer, allowing the user to drip e-liquid on to it. A 510 drip tip means that it has an 8.5mm base and will fit into any tank that accepts 510 drip tips. 810 driptip has 12.5mm in outer diameter at the base. When you use a drip tip, you will have to pour or drip the e-liquid directly into the atomizer so, you don't need to fill or remove anything. The 510 Atlantis Drip Tip is made purely of stainless steel materials. This is the original Aspire Atlantis 1 Drip Tip that comes standard with the tank. It features a 510 connection so you can carry this driptip onto one of your favorite 510 tanks. The newly designed 810/510 Drip Tip Adapter is made of advanced PEI material, which is heat-resistant. Perfectly match with most 510/810 atomizers. Just get it as a spare part. And with other devices and accessories for your e-cigarettes, just visit EFUMA.COM- the leader in offering these exciting products as well as other well-known products and brands in the vaping market. Every product offered by EFUMA is 100% authentic and durable. Every customer is rest assured that products acquired from EFUMA passed the required compliance needed by FDA and other regulatory agencies that approve the sale and distribution of all vaping products and accessories not only in the local community but also around the globe. Moreover, for bulk orders, wholesalers can get these products in cheaper prices as compared from their rivals, giving them the edge to profit gain in the future. Lastly, a day-to-day shipment is now available in countries that are located in Europe, thus making it possible for a better business transaction and faster delivery of their orders in these EU countries.