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Dropshipping is a supply chain management method in which you, the retailer, does not keep goods in stock but instead transfer the customer orders and shipment details to a third party, who then ship the goods directly to the customer.

How it works:




No Stock Needed

You don’t need to have any stock expenses and at the same time you get access to thousands of the most popular products on the market.


Packing, TPD Labelling and Branding

You don't need to care about preparing your package for shipping. We do necessary labeling that is required by the TPD regulation in your country. And most important the package will sent in your name so it looks like it was sent by you.


Fast Shipping

All orders are picked up daily, by a wide selection of freight companies. Orders that arrives to Efuma before 14.00 CET are almost always shipped the same day.


  • No stock expenses
  • Feasible monthly running costs
  • Simple setup
  • No expenses on insurance of stock, rentals, or other regular monthly/yearly expenses
  • Access to one of the world's largest assortment of electronic cigarette products
  • The ability to go on vacation without worrying about taking care of orders

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How do I quickly upload all Efuma products on my webshop?


When you have an account on you have access to Efuma’s product csv-file through your account dashboard. Here you have all the data you need to make a csv upload with all Efuma’s products to your webshop. Note that the requirement for a csv upload with product data is not the same for all platforms.
What SKU numbers should I use for my products?


It is very important that you use the correct SKU numbers on the products, as this is the way the order is placed correctly through Webshipper. You should use the “ProductNO” from column A in the product csv-file - Find the csv-file under your account dashboard on
How is the variants connected to the main product in the product csv-file?


The product csv-file contain product types = Simple or Configurable. A configurable product is the main product and if it has 1 or more variants it will be simple products – these products will be connected to the configurable product through the ProductNo under the Reference column O.
How are orders managed: if a customer orders an item that Efuma are dispatching and another that you are dispatching, how is the order processed?


Our dropshipping is set up with Webshipper. Webshipper acts as the middleware and handle the shipment. Webshipper integrates with your shop and transfer order data to Efuma. Our system is set up to handle orders based on “ProductNo” from our csv file. So it is very important that you use the correct ProductNo as SKU – if not the order will not go through to Efuma or be placed with wrong products. How your system is set up to handle orders with both products you are dispatching and products Efuma are dispatching - is up to you. Orders in webshipper is only sent to Efuma if the product SKU (ProductNo) is matching a product on
Can I use my own shipping deals?


The short answer will be: yes, webshipper offers to enter own shipping agreements.
Returns/faulty goods/items not delivered – what are the policies for these?


All returns or RMA’s(complains) you may have with a product sent from Efuma - you must take back the product yourself and create an RMA on through your login. Items not delivered or faulty goods – here you need to take contact to our customer service and they will handle it.