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Efest – Products for a longer lasting vaping pleasure ! “ Efest is a joint venture company established by the DCB group and the Technology teams from Hongkong, Canada and Japan that primarily focuses on the production of power battery solutions including Lithium batteries that are used for vaping devices.” Efest dedicates its company to the manufacture of batteries, chargers and their accessories that are specifically designed for vaping purposes. In the vaping community, batteries and its accessories are very important because these are the devices that supply power to your vaping devices as well as for your e-liquids. And Efest is just the right firm for this purpose of supplying the right power to your e-liquid and hardware equipment. The Efest iMate R4 Intelligent QC Charger features an optimized multi-function charging system. This device is specially built for Li-ion Ni-Mh/Ni-Cd battery, is easy and convenient to operate. Aside from having a displayed battery charging levels indicator, you can also charge 2 batteries at the same time, and it has a short circuit protection system in case of short circuits. Having this device for your e-cigarette and for your battery as well, your vaping experience will last longer than you expect. And having this Efest accessory gives you more time for your vaping pleasure. Just visit EFUMA.COM to get one and try it for yourself. EFUMA offers Efest products and all other vaping products at bulk orders, giving much opportunity to wholesalers to get these products at lower prices, giving them the edge to gain profits from this business venture. The customers can be sure that all devices offered by EFUMA are 100% authentic and durable. Furthermore, these merchandises passed the strict compliance required by FDA and other TPD-compliant agencies that approve the sale and distribution of vaping products locally and abroad. And EFUMA now offers a day-to-day shipment of these products to the countries that are located in Europe, giving them opportunity to a better business transaction and fast delivery of their orders. For longer lasting vaping experience, choose Efest vaping devices and accessories, and get it only from EFUMA.COM- the leader in distributorship of vaping products worldwide.