How do I become a customer?
You can create an account at efuma.com. Choose “Create Customer” at the top right bar and fill in all the required information. Once you have done that, we will check your information and if all is ok, your account will be activated. You will be notified on email when activation has been done.

Can I as a private person shop at efuma.com?
No, only registered companies with a legitimate VAT number will be activated on efuma.com.
You can always check if your company have a valid VAT number here: http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/?locale=en
If you have a company, but for some reason doesn’t have a European valid VAT number, we can activate your account, but we will add Danish VAT (+25%) to the invoice.

Can I only see the prices in euro?
No, you can choose between EUR, USD, GBP or DKK, this can be changed by sending an email to sales@efuma.com. This has to be done before you place your first order.

What do I do if my billing address is different from my shipping address?
You simply send an email to sales@efuma.com where you give us your billing address and shipping address, then we will take care of the rest. This will have to be done before you place an order.

How do I pay for my order?
When you place your order, you can choose different payment methods.
When you have placed an order, then soon after you will receive an invoice. On that invoice, you will find all bank details you need to make the bank transfer.
If you have chosen credit card payment or PayPal, you will receive a payment link with the invoice. If you don’t receive a payment link, just reply to the invoice mail and ask for a payment link to PayPal or to Credit Card payment. Be aware that we add a fee for payment with PayPal (+3.7%) and Credit Card (+2.95%).

I forgot to add a few products when I placed my order, can I add it to my order?
On efuma.com you can check the status on your order, if the order have the status “Pending”, then you can place a new order, and then it will automatically be merged with the “Pending” order. Choose your preferred shipping method, and after orders have been merged, the shipping costs will be recalculated so you only pay for the shipping one time.

If your order has any other status than “Pending”, then it is not possible to add further products to the order.

Where can I see my orders?
You can find all your orders on efuma.com on My Account / My Orders.

What do I do if my package does not arrive?
Please contact customer service via sales@efuma.com

When do I get Track and Trace information?
Once your order has arrived at the shipping company, they will email the Track & Trace number (T&T) to you. If you haven’t received your T&T, write to us on sales@efuma.com and ask us to find the T&T and send it.

Can I pick up my order at your warehouse?
Yes, if you choose “Warehouse Pick Up” as shipping method, your order can be picked up at our warehouse.

When can I pick up my order?
When you have paid your order, call us on +45 6013 5070 and get a pickup time and the pickup address.

I have made a pre-order - when will I receive it?
Pre-order is a service to our customers, so they can reserve products that are not in stock yet.
We strive to ship pre-ordered items as soon as they arrive to the warehouse. To reduce shipping costs, we will usually send the pre-ordered items with a regular order. Only when it is a large quantity of pre-ordered items will we send it alone. Pre-order will be shipped to Customers after first in – first out principle. (first placed order = first order will be picked and packed when the pre-order products are available for Efuma customers)

The product I want to buy is out of stock, when is it available?
We strive to order most products before they are sold out. However, we sometimes experience that the manufacturer is not able to produce the products as quickly as they are bought, and then there will be a waiting period. Please monitor the to get a possible delivery date. Please note that all delivery dates are with reservations and can change depending on unexpected delays occurring with the manufacturer or transportation.

There are missing products in the order I have received.
If it should happen that ordered products are missing, contact us right away at sales@efuma.com. Please provide us with the full name of the product and which order it is concerning. We will find a solution as soon as possible. This has to be done latest 3 days after the order has been received so we can check our documentation and the shipping company’s documentation.

Can I return products.
No, it’s not possible to return already bought products.

There are wrong products in the order I have received
If you experience that you have received different products than the ones you have ordered, contact us right away at sales@efuma.com. Please provide us with the full name of the product and which order it is concerning. We will find a solution as soon as possible. This has to be done latest 3 days after the order has been received so we can check our documentation.

What do I do, if a product is broken or malfunctions?
Please log on to your account and register your RMA case via “RMA Return” – Simply follow the instructions and fill in the required information.
Once you have submitted the RMA case, it will be registered in our system, after that it will be reviewed and if we need further info, you will be contacted. You will be notified via e-mail with all updates and changes regarding your RMA case.
When your RMA has been approved, it will generate an order on that specific product for you, and the system will proceed with the following steps:

  1. If the product is in stock: the product will go to the status “Pending for Products” and will be shipped with your next order.
  2. If the product is out of stock: The product will go to “Backorder Item”. When the product is back in stock, it will be handled as in step 1.
  3. If the product is out of assortment: The product will go to “Pending for Products” as a credit, and the credit will automatically be given on your next invoice.

Usually we do not need the product to be returned to us. But please do not throw out the product before it has been approved.

In some case the manufacturer might have to inspect the product to revise quality matters.

What is TPD?
TPD stands for “Tobacco Products Directive” which is an EU directive that lays down rules and regulations at Union level concerning tobacco products.
For more information regarding rules and regulations under the TPD, please check:


For more information regarding myths about the TPD, please check:


When are your customer service available?
Our customer service is available on telephone from Monday to Thursday between 9am and 4pm and Fridays from 9am to 3.30pm. You can always reach us by mail on sales@efuma.com.