How do I become a customer? – Create a customer account on the website. We will check your information and activate your account.

Can I as a private person shop at – No, only registered companies with a legitimate VAT number can apply for an account at


How do I pay for my order? – When you have placed your order, you can choose whether you wish to pay via Paypal or bank transfer. Please note that you should wait with the payment until you receive the invoice from us. Payment details are listed at the bottom of the invoice.

Orders and shipping

What do I do if my package does not arrive? – Please contact customer service via

I forgot a few products, when I placed my order. Can I add it to the existing order? – Currently, the shop system does not allow you to add items to an existing order. If you contact customer service right away, we may be able to add items to your order but there is no guarantee. It all depends on when your order was placed, if you contact us minutes or hours after you have placed your order and how far your order has reached under the packing process.

The product I want to buy is out of stock, when is it available? – We strive to order most products before they are sold out. However, we sometimes experience that the manufacturer is not able to produce the products as quickly as they are bought and then there will be a waiting period. Please monitor the website or contact customer service to get a possible delivery date. Please note that all delivery dates are with reservations and can change depending on unexpected delays occurring with the manufacturer or transportation.

I have made a pre-order, when will I receive it? - Pre-order is a service to our customers, so they can reserve products that are not in stock yet. We strive to ship pre-ordered items as soon as they arrive to the warehouse. To reduce shipping cost we will usually send the pre-ordered items with a regular order. Only when it is a large quantity of pre-ordered items will we send it alone.

RMA Returns

What do I do, if a product malfunctions or is broken? – Please log on to your account via the website and register a RMA case via “RMA Return”. Please fill in the required information. If you do not have the order number, you will be able to get to next step by writing “xx” in the text box. It is very important that you write the serial number for the product. Once you have submitted the RMA case, it will be registered in the system and you will be notified via e-mail with updates and changes regarding your RMA case. (Only Danish customers will be asked to send the RMA product to Efuma)


What is TPD? – TPD stands for “Tobacco Products Directive” which is an EU directive that lays down rules and regulations at Union level concerning tobacco products.

For more information regarding rules and regulations under the TPD, please check:

For more information regarding myths about the TPD, please check: