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Flapour E-liquids – Sweetness at its Best “ Flapour e-liquid is another brand that is well-known for its fruity flavored e-liquids that gives every vaper the sweet taste and smell of fruits in an e-liquid. Just mix this shortfill to a base booster to get the flavor with the corresponding PG/VG content ratio you ever wanted.” “ Another great product of e-liquids is the Flapour flavorings which are readily available in the market, and is another brand solely distributed by EFUMA.COM, the world leader in distributorship of well-known vaping products. Every package comes with a 60ml PET bottle with a drip tip. The bottle contains 40 ml of extra fortified liquid in 0 mg nicotine and with the corresponding PG/VG content ratio. Since this shortfill is mixed with other important ingredients needed to suit your flavor, make sure to read carefully all instructions for the DIY guide and follow said instructions and you will get the satisfaction you always want for your e-cigarette. You can choose from a variety of flavors and also the PG/VG content ratio that you prefer. And with other Flapour e-liquid products, just visit EFUMA.COM, the choice of e-liquids and vaping products that you are searching for are offered here. Flapour e-liquids and all other products sold by EFUMA passed all the required certifications and approvals from FDA and other government agencies for the sale and distribution of the said merchandises. Because of its strict compliance, EFUMA sees to it that all their products have passed all the said requirements. Therefore, consumers are sure that EFUMA products are reliable and authentic. Since these products are sold in bulk orders, wholesalers are given the chance to get it in a much cheaper price compared to their competitors, thus giving these wholesalers opportunity to profit from the vaping market. And for countries that are located in Europe, EFUMA has a day-to-day shipment of all their products to these EU countries giving them more income opportunities and continuous business transactions with EFUMA and other clients. Want to taste the sweetness of your vape, try FLAPOUR products, only from EFUMA.COM.”