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Flavor West Flavor Concentrates – Great Flavors coming from the West ! “ Flavor West manufactures flavor concentrates that are innovative and mostly designed for DIY recipes. Because of these new flavors they offer that is why many consumers like them.” “ Flavor West offers a large variety of flavors, including fruit, dessert and candy flavors, from which are also sold at affordable prices at EFUMA.COM- the leading distributor of many vaping products and e-liquids. Flavor West values its customers, that is why they made these high quality food grade concentrated flavorings for the best vaping pleasure that every customer can get from each puff. Moreover, quality is just as important as taste, which is why we have an unrivalled internal quality control team to ensure every batch meets our rigorous standards. Each batch also meets the major manufacturing demands of the industry. Our products are safe for customers, regardless of their use. Whether you love the taste of granny apple, banana, amaretto, brandy or blood orange, we’ve got a delectable selection of yummy flavoring ready for you to dive into. We have built our company on the principles of trust, quality and excellent client service. For you to enjoy every taste of Flavor West flavor concentrates, just visit EFUMA.COM, the distributor of well-known e-juices as well as various vaping products sold in the market. Since FDA and other regulatory agencies are very strict in approving and certifying companies and establishments when it comes to vaping, EFUMA adheres to this strict compliance set forth by these regulatory bodies, making their merchandises compliant and reliable for vaping. Furthermore, since these products are sold in bulk orders, every wholesaler and business partner can get these Flavor West products in a much cheaper price, compared to others. This gives the wholesaler the chance the gain profits in the future. And because EFUMA now offers a day-to-day shipment of all their products in countries located in Europe, business transactions between these countries can now be more efficient and fast. If you were to search for the best e-juice for your e-vape, then consider Flavor West flavor concentrates, and grab it only from EFUMA.COM, the world leader in distributorship of these vaping products.