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Freemax Brand – One of the Best Brands for your Vaping Pleasure “ Freemax is an e-cigarette company founded in 2013, and is primarily focused in developing innovative vaping products such as vape tanks and coils. FreeMax fully undertakes to provide an alternative to those who utilize conventional combustible nicotine products. “ “ Freemax Technology is a vape hardware manufacturer that also develops vape products that are highly appreciated by consumers worldwide. It has been creating advancement based on user feedback and product quality improvements to deliver a better vaping experience with innovative technology. Since the foundation in 2013, FreeMax has achieved an excellent reputation for its high quality, powerful innovation ability and outstanding customer service. Freemax is the first to launch the Dual Vertical Mesh Coil sub ohm tank , and the world’s first Single, Double, Triple, Quad and Quintuple mesh coil sub ohm tank. The company comes into the spotlight with the release of the FireLuke Mesh Tank and Mesh Pro Tank, offering a phenomenal experience with mesh coils that produces a flavor-intensive hit. And since Freemax partnered with, EU leading distributor and supplier of electronic products and other vaping accessories, consumers have no doubt that their products are 100% genuine. Efuma made sure that their devices passed all the certifications needed as required by the concerned agencies for the approval of its sale and distribution locally and worldwide. And since all their products are sold in bulk orders, wholesalers as well as their business partners are given the opportunity to gain profits from their vaping business since their products can be bought on a much cheaper price compared to their competitors. A day-to-day shipment is also done by Efuma to countries located in the European continent making it possible for an everyday business transaction between Efuma and these EU countries. If you are looking for reliable, durable and excellent vaping products, choose Freemax, only from EFUMA.COM.”