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Guerilla Flavors- It’s another Brand for a brand new taste in E-liquids “ Another E-liquid brand is Guerilla Flavors E-liquids that consists of a variety of flavors that will suit every vaper’s tastebuds and puff. Their flavors cover the entire spectrum of the e-cigarette community.” “ Guerilla Flavors brand makes waves into the vaping industry and they started as a dream project. But with continuous efforts and scientific research, they have made an array of e-liquid flavorings and surely every consumer in the vaping market has a flavoring that will fit their vaping pleasure, giving them the exciting taste they are looking for in every shot. Regardless of the flavor you like- fruits, desserts, creamy, glazed or tobacco, you can be sure they have one for you. The “ Glock-22” Guerilla flavor gives you the flavor of grapes mixed with two types of ripe strawberries, having a thin layer of roasted sugar on top of it. It gives you an ice-cooling effect for every puff. Just dilute it with nicotine base to give you the best flavor for your e-cigarette. For advanced users looking for a great flavoring for his e-vape, the “7.62” Guerilla Flavor meets your demand. It’s a combination of tobacco, vanilla, caramel, coffee and milk flavors. Do not forget to mix your Nicotine shot to give you the excellent vaping pleasure that you want. Try all these Guerilla Flavors only from the leading distributor of these great products and all other vaping products sold in the market – EFUMA.COM. Guerilla Flavors, as well as all other e-liquids offered by EFUMA are certified compliant with the requirements as prescribed by FDA, TPD and other regulatory agencies responsible for the evaluation and approval of these vaping products to be sold and be distributed not only in local stores but also internationally. Every consumer is rest assured that all products that EFUMA delivers are reliable and authentic. For wholesalers and business partners, you can get these Guerilla products in much cheaper prices compared to their rivals, thus giving them the opportunity to gain profits. Day-to-day shipment of all EFUMA merchandises is now available in countries located in the European continent, giving them better business transactions and smooth delivery on time. Go on Guerilla Flavors, and you will see the big difference. Where to grab it? Just visit EFUMA.COM, the leader in distributing vaping products around the globe.