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Inawera Flavours – Killer Flavors that last ! “ Inawera Flavours were created from food flavors especially reconstituted for vaping. Every ingredient has been tested and certified in the laboratory, thus making Inawera Flavours safe for vaping.” Inawera Flavours have been making their own flavor concentrates for a long while. Its been manufactured from the finest ingredients and were scientifically processed to give every consumer the best quality e-liquid he is searching for. Inawera is the place to many delicious and unique flavors and their natural flavors are so close to reality that it is difficult to distinguish. The Inawera “ Shisha Sex on the Beach” (10ml) flavor has the ideal flavour composition of: peach flavour along with cranberry and orange juice. Perfect for a holiday vape-pleasure. Just follow right dosage for other ingredients needed for your DIY to perfectly suit your vaping pleasure. Another flavor is the Inawera “ Raw Pineapple comestible concentrate”(10ml) giving every vaper the fresh pineapple taste. Juicy, tempting and complex, with subtle hints of mint, anis and white almonds in the background. These and other variations of Inawera Flavours, grab it only from EFUMA.COM, the world leader in distributorship of Inawera Flavors as well as well-known e-liquids and vaping products sold in the market. Every consumer in the vaping community is assured that all EFUMA products sold in the market are reliable and compliant- every product has passed the evaluations and certifications required not only by FDA, but also other regulatory bodies responsible for the approval of its sale and distribution locally and even abroad. Because of the strict compliance that is why EFUMA made sure that every product they offer passed the said regulatory agencies. And since their products are sold in bulk orders, wholesalers and business partners can get these in much lower prices, thereby giving them opportunity to earn profits in the future, from this business venture. And for countries that are located in the European continent, EFUMA has a day-to-day shipment of all their merchandises to these EU countries, giving way to a more efficient business transaction between parties. It’s time for a change of your e-liquid for your e-cigarette. Grab yourself a puff of Inawera Flavour concentrates, only from the leading distributor in vaping products including e-juices – EFUMA.COM.