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Just Juice

Just Juice – It’s just juice but with an awesome flavor ! “ Just Juice e-liquid brand started in the year 2019, a mixture of fruits flavors to produce fruity e-liquids stored in squeezable bottles so it would be easier to fill up your e-cigarettes. “ Just Juice e-liquids are manufactured for the benefit of many consumers worldwide who resorted to e-cigarettes. It is dedicated to provide fruit blends of high distinction and bold flavor. Their award-winning Just Juice e-liquid comes in the tangiest, fruitiest, tastiest flavors around. It joined the vaping industry to deliver superior e-liquids, made with the finest ingredients on the market to guarantee that you vape a liquid that is full of mouth-watering flavor which you will adore each day of your life. Every e-liquid of Just Juice has been put through months of rigorous testing to ensure they meet high quality standards. Just Juice shortfill is one type that they offer in the market. It is a mixture of 70% VG and 30% PG, with 0 nicotine. It comes in 60 ml bottle, where you get 50ml of juice, and a 10ml space for your own nicotine shot if you want to. If you just want the flavor, then you get it nicotine-free. Just Juice Lemonade - this tasteful bottled lemonade is ideal for lovers of the perfect summer beverage. This mouth-watering juice tingles your taste buds exactly the same way, with fizz and zing for a refreshing citrus blast. Give yourself the flavor of every Just Juice e-liquid and get it only from the leading distributor of world-class vaping products including e-liquids, EFUMA.COM. Every product of EFUMA complies with the regulations set by FDA and other regulatory bodies that evaluate and approve the sale and distribution of vaping products locally and internationally. Aside from the products’ authenticity, they are also reliable and excellent products. Wholesalers can get these merchandises in bulk orders on a much cheaper price compared to their competitors, thus giving them the opportunity to earn profits. For EU countries, EFUMA has a day-to-day shipment of their products to ensure daily transactions and better business relations between EFUMA and these EU countries. For a better vaping experience, get yourself Just Juice e-liquid for your e-cigarette, only from EFUMA.COM.