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JUSTFOG Brand – The Vaping Brand with Superior Performance! “JUSTFOG is another global brand of vaping merchandise that is developed to deliver the best vaping products to the vaping community, domestic or global.” JUSTFOG has been established to make the world a healthier place for living by making alternative device for traditional tobacco smoking. With the increased number of deaths per year because of tobacco usage, this company made their e-cigarettes as better alternative to tobacco. Their vision is to protect many adult smokers around the world from exposure to numerous harmful substances they may inhaled while smoking tobacco and other cigarettes. They want to improve the consumers’ smoking habits by providing opportunities on using electronic cigarettes which contain no cancer-causing substances such as tar. JUSTFOG focused on the delivery of the highest quantity of vapor with a minimum battery requirement, and mainly developed starter kits and pod systems. All JUSTFOG have used high-quality battery cell and applied 5 smarts protection functions. These added features make their devices unique from other brands. The JUSTFOG MINIFIT Pod is designed for the Minifit Kit with 1.5ml e-juice capacity and two convenient refilling holes. Together with 1.6ohm resistance, it brings optimal flavor for you. You can get it in 3pcs for each package. The 370mAh MINIFIT Starter Kit is a portable pod style vaping device for starters. It has a built-in 370mAh battery and a 1.5ml refillable cartridge. It supports constant output voltage and smart battery protection. You can get these JUSTFOG vaping devices and its wide array of choices only from the leading distributor of vaping merchandises in the world market- EFUMA.COM. Their products have passed all the compliance needed as required by FDA and other regulatory bodies for its sale and distribution. Wholesalers have the opportunity to get these products in much lower prices as compared from their competitors, and also looking forward in earning profits from this business venture. For countries that are situated in Europe, EFUMA has a day-to-day shipment of their merchandises to these EU countries for a better business transaction and faster delivery service of their orders. For your excellent vaping needs, acquire a JUSTFOG vaping product and get it only from EFUMA.COM.