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Mad Science Lab

Mad Science Lab- It makes you mad because of its great Aroma ! “Mad Science Lab is another well-known brand of aroma for e-cigarette lovers. Its flavorings are unique and their e-juices are a mixture of flavors from sweet to menthol flavors that give every vaper its maximum pleasure in vaping.” As the name of the brand implies, Mad Science Lab manufactures flavorings/aromas that are unique not only because of its flavors but also because of the names given to every aroma. It makes every consumer ask for more. With Mad Science Lab aroma, you are given the extraordinary experience for your e-vape in every puff. Feel the presence of nature in Jumanji, that aroma that brings you to Blue Moon, and fruit flavors that make you mad like the Mad Melon and Mad Pineapple. Great aromas for your e-vape that give you great pleasure. The Mad Pineapple Aroma by Mad Science Lab reminds you of a hot summer day. Pineapple soda with a twist of lemonade. Perfect balance between sweet and fresh. Can be used for 50/50, 70/30 or pure VG mix. The Big Papa's Ice Cream Sandwich by Mad Science Lab, is a delicious cream of vanilla ice cream with American cookies, with notes of caramel, vanilla cream and a lot of other things that you have to find out for yourself. If you love ice cream, there are no excuses, you simply have to try Papa's ice cream sandwich, it is unforgettable. It’s the only ice cream with “no calories.” Try these Mad Science Lab Aroma and its other variety of flavors only from the world leader in distributorship of well-known vaping products and accessories-EFUMA.COM. You can be sure that their merchandises are durable and authentic. Furthermore, all products they offer passed the strict compliance required by FDA and other regulatory agencies that evaluate and approve the sale and distribution of these vaping devices. For bulk orders, wholesalers have the chance to get these products in reasonable prices, lower than their rivals. This gives every wholesaler the opportunity to earn profits in the future. And lastly, they now had a day-to-day shipment of all products in countries that are situated in Europe, giving both parties better business transactions and faster delivery service to these EU countries. Looking for the best flavoring for your e-vape? Have a taste of any Mad Science Lab Aroma, just grab one from EFUMA.COM- the leading distributor of well-known vaping products worldwide.