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Mohawk and Co. – The Brand that’s “in the can.” “Mohawk and Co. e-liquid is a unique brand of e-juice manufacturer with its fantastic vape juices that are stored in super interesting soda can packaging.” Mohawk and Co. e-juice is well-known for their extraordinary drink flavorings. Whether you are craving for milk tea or cola for your e-vape, Mohawk has always something in the store for you. These e-liquids have been carefully processed to give the perfect vaping pleasure that vapers always want. They are famous for their mouth-watering e-liquids offered in unique can packaging. The Fizzy Butterscotch Popcorn from Mohawk is a sweet, smooth butterscotch popcorn flavor. Tastes exactly like the popular butterscotch popcorn. Feel like you’re munching your favorite popcorn in the cinema. Creamy lovers, give it a try! Well worth it! The Fizzy Original Milk Tea e-juice is one of the most loved flavors from Mohawk because of its famous milk tea taste. A great flavor of tea infused with a delicious aromatic creamy flavor, that gives the consumer a great fantastic vape. For your excellent vape juice, choose only Mohawk and Co.e-liquids, exclusively offered by EFUMA.COM. As a consumer of vaping products, rest assured that all merchandises provided by EFUMA have passed the required certifications and approval from the respective regulatory agencies that approve its sale and distribution not only in local stores but also in abroad. Because of its strict compliance, every customer is guaranteed 100% satisfaction and all products are reliable, certified to be safe for vaping purposes, if used properly as indicated. And for the wholesalers, you are given the chance to earn from this business venture since EFUMA products are sold in bulk orders and at reasonable prices, much cheaper from other competitors. And for the countries in Europe, EFUMA has a day-to-day shipment giving these EU countries greater opportunity to make “good business “with EFUMA and at the same time for a faster delivery service of their orders. Seeking for the best e-juice, consider Mohawk and Co. brand, only from EFUMA.COM-the leader in distributorship of excellent vaping products and accessories.”