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Nasty Juice

Nasty Juice – A brand that brings out the best in E-liquids “ Nasty Juice is an E-juice brand from “Nasty Worldwide”. They specialize in making very unique e- juices and many believe some of the best e liquid flavors in the world.” “ Nasty Juice e-liquids is one brand of e-liquid manufacturer that made a name in the vaping market. In 2015, Nasty Juice came onto the vaping scene and with them brought some of the finest fruity flavors, with a touch of mint, which made them taste so good and refreshing. Their products are designed to give you a rich, fruity yet smooth vaping experience. Nasty Juice Ballin-Hippie Trail is a lemon-lime flavored e-liquid with added Vitamin C goodness. The brand new Nasty Ballin' series features a luxurious cocktail shaker bottle with a unique ball-bearing inside the bottle to seriously shake up your juice. With all the fresh, juicy citrus flooding the fruit stands right now it seems the perfect time to vape on the Hippie Trail powered by vitamin C. This lemon and lime based juice is so refreshing you might get goose bumps. Nasty Shisha is an extraordinary series from Nasty Juice’s brand in order to fulfil the demand of shisha flavors made into vape from its lovers. All the goodness of antique shisha then modernized and improved as vape flavors. And with the other variations of flavors, vape lovers will surely love the taste of this Nasty Juice e-liquids. Just visit EFUMA.COM, the leader in distributorship of well-known vaping products and e-liquids, including Nasty Juice flavors. At EFUMA, every vaper/ customer is assured of all their products’ strict compliance with the different regulatory bodies, and these products are all authentic and reliable. For the wholesalers, these Efuma products are sold in bulk orders so they are given the chance to earn profits since they are sold in much cheaper prices compared with other competitors in the vaping market worldwide. And if you belong to countries located in Europe, EFUMA now offers a day-to-day shipment of all their products to these EU countries, thus giving both Efuma and their clients a more progressive way to market their products. Give yourself an exciting experience and try Nasty Juice e-liquids, only from EFUMA.COM.