Nicotine Pods/Pouches

Nicotine Pods and Pouches – A new trend in e-vaping! “ Nicotine Pouches are pouches containing nicotine in powdered form and are placed in small tin cans containing 20 pouches per can. The nicotine content per gram varies for every flavoring in each pouch.” Nicotine pouches or sometimes called “ pillows or pads” are a new type of Nicotine product that is made as an alternative to traditional tobacco smoking. And with its widespread use within the vaping community, the use of tobacco is now lessen and many are turning into e-cigarette smoking as well as the use of these “pillows” for an excellent vaping pleasure especially for those experienced vapers who want to shift to a new alternative to e-vaping. It depends upon your needs how much nicotine you want because these nicotine pads are available in different nicotine concentrations. The main purpose of these pads is to lessen and/or stop the use of tobacco. Aside from being an alternative to e-vaping, using Nicotine pillows leaves no mess since you just throw it in their cans having its own discharge chambers. And like e-liquids, these nicotine pouches have a wide variety of flavors that you can choose from. For your new vaping pleasure, a new alternative for tobacco and for your e-vaping as well, have a try of these Nicotine pads and pouches. Just visit the leading distributor of all vaping products, including Nicotine pouches – EFUMA.COM. Every consumer doesn’t have to worry since all their products are 100% genuine and safe for vaping. All products passed the FDA certifications and other TPD-compliant requirements needed for the approval of the sale and distribution of all vaping merchandises. For bulk orders, wholesalers can get these products in a much cheaper price, giving them the opportunity to earn from it in the future. A day-to-day shipment is now operating for countries located in Europe, and business transactions between EFUMA and these EU countries would now be better and reliable. It’s time for a new taste of your favorite vapor, with the new Nicotine pouch or pad, only from EFUMA.COM.