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NITECORE- The Brand that delivers your e-vape longer lasting power! “NITECORE is a well-known manufacturer specialized in product lines varying from tactical flashlights to outdoor lighting equipment and power solutions specially designed for law enforcement and military departments, industrial corporations and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.” NITECORE began with their lighting products that made them highly recognized and famous. Innovation has pushed this company to manufacture new products which was backed up by those flashlight fanatics who founded NITECORE. They are obsessed with the latest technologies of all kinds and are bold in applying them in the design of their illumination products. The NITECORE Intellicharger SC4 Li-ion/NiMH Battery 4-slot Charger (EURO Plug) is a magnificent Intelligent battery charger with 4 slots and large LCD screen to show clearly charging status. It is compatible with almost all types of rechargeable batteries. It’s safer and faster to use! The NITECORE UMS2 USB Dual-slot Charger is a smart-charger compatible with various mobile power source, solar panel and USB adaptors to ensure power supply. It delivers a total maximum output of 4000mA and an impressive single slot maximum output of 3000mA. Just be reminded that in order to achieve the maximum charging speed, a 9V 2A QC 2.0 charging adapter must be used. These and other NITECORE products, just visit EFUMA.COM- the world leader in distributorship of well-known vaping products and accessories, including battery chargers. Their merchandises passed all the requirements and certifications needed by FDA and other regulatory authorities that evaluate and approve the sale and distribution of all their vaping products. For wholesalers, they can get these devices in reasonable prices and can have the opportunity to gain profits in the future. And since EFUMA now offers a day-to-day shipment of all their products in the European continent, these ZEU countries can now experience better business transactions with EFUMA, and delivery service of their orders will now be faster. So, for a better lighting and vaping experience, give your e-vape a NITECORE accessory to enjoy maximum vaping pleasure and get it only from the leading distributor of vaping products and accessories- EFUMA.COM.