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NON Nicotine Pouches/pods - Nicotine pouch is the new trending product being used as far as e-cigarette usage is concerned. Many consumers seem to appreciate these pouches stored in small tin cans made by different brands. These pouches are actually tobacco-free and are similar to snus( a moist powder smokeless tobacco product) which are filled with white powder containing nicotine in it. Advocates of these nicotine pouches describe this product that they can help you quit smoking and are much healthier than smoking while giving you the same satisfaction as smoking. Most people are aware of the effects of smoking especially the harmful effects it can bring into our lungs. However, nicotine pouches work differently. In recent studies, they found out that with its usage, the same amount of nicotine can be consumed as in smoking, but you do not absorb it via the lungs as you so when smoking. Furthermore, use of these nicotine pouches do not bring harm to other people and since you do not smoke it, you do not pollute your surroundings, making possible to use them anywhere. The NON brand of nicotine pouch is considered an alternative to quit traditional smoking and rely on this type of product. You can choose from the 5 flavors that’s in store: Berry mint, Eucalyptus, Spearmint, Mild menthol and Fresh mint. You can be sure that this product will give the same satisfaction that you are looking for in vaping. Just keep it mind that there are health standards to be followed and you should consult the proper authorities if you want to use these nicotine pouches. And since this product is offered by the leading supplier of vaping products as well as electronic products and other accessories-, you can be sure that this product passed all the required compliance from FDA and other regulatory bodies that are responsible for its sale and distribution to the vaping market. Moreover, wholesalers can get this product in bulk orders, giving them opportunity for future profit gains in this type of business venture. And lastly, Efuma now offers a day-to-day shipment of their products in countries located in Europe. Looking for the new trend in e-vape, try NON nicotine pouches, exclusively offered by