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Notes of Norliq

Notes of Norliq The transition from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes gave way to the emergence of e-liquids. And one of the newcomers to make waves in this new generation of e-cigarette smoking is the new brand “Notes of Norliq” e-liquids. With a wide variety of aromas that will meet every vape lover’s expectations, Notes of Norliq will surely rock your senses with its great range of flavors. Every aroma offered by Norliq is scientifically processed and they utilized a mixture of the finest ingredients just to provide only the best e-liquid brand in the vaping community. Their aromas are excellent and are highly appreciated by many users in the field of e-cigarette smoking. Every aroma gives the perfect flavor for every vaper’s pleasure. This brand was developed not only to please every vape lover, but to show to every user in the vaping industry that their products are outstanding and unique. Notes of Norliq Cappuccino flavor delivers the exciting taste of Cappuccino-flavored e-juice. This flavoring will give you that feeling of enjoying your espresso mixed with the frothy delight of milk. It is just the great never-ending combination of milk and coffee in an e-juice. Truly exhilarating and sensational. Try it and see the difference. Notes of Norliq Ice Candy is not just every vaper’s flavor but it makes you feel like taking your ice-cold menthol candy as you travel for your summer vacation. The great aroma induces your vaping pleasure until its last puff. This flavor combines an icy menthol taste with pear notes to give you a cooling taste of your e-vape. Let the 'ice' defrost in every puff and you will feel a refreshing and a mild cooling excitement. Notes of Norliq Caramel Custard is another aroma that many vape lovers enjoy not only because of its fantastic flavor of vanilla custard mixed with that sweet caramel, giving out the pleasant aroma that satisfies your vaping pleasure. It really drives your mind in every puff that is why many vapers keep on coming back for this great aroma from Norliq. Run into the taste of this e-juice and experience vaping at a different level. And with the other choices of Notes of Norliq aromas that you can choose for your vaping encounter, just visit the leader in distributorship of Notes of Norliq products as well as well-known brands and electronic products for your vaping needs. No wonder many clients depend on Efuma, not only of their products’ authenticity, but also all these products passed the TPD compliance needed for its sale and distribution not only in Europe and its nearby countries. Efuma also offers a day-to-day shipment of all their merchandizes to countries within the European continent, making it easier for a faster business transaction and delivery. Don't settle for anything less. If you want an aroma that delivers unique vaping pleasure, try Notes of Norliq and enjoy every puff. Grab one now from