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MSRP: 69,- DKK

Content: 20ml

Our expert mixologists have worked hard to bring you the perfect Menthol vape. We’ve blended, tested, balanced and tested again to find a menthol flavour that is refreshing without being harsh, cooling but not overpowering. We think you’ll agree that our Menthol vape finally unlocks the full potential of this classic flavour. There’s a reason our Menthol longfill is one of our best rated flavours. By blending, testing, balancing, then testing again, we believe we’ve created the perfect menthol vape juice available anywhere. Several hundred cannot be wrong.

Product No: 29268

Qlivia Menthol, 20ml

Finding the perfect Menthol can be difficult. It may seem like a simple flavour, but many are too minty, too sweet or too bland – but fear not, Qlivia has come to the rescue!

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