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REVTECH- The Brand with Quality “RevTech or Rev Technology is a new brand of vaping product that was established in 2017, specialized in manufacturing advanced vaping products that are high quality and brings out high performance for vaping.” REVTECH was founded by a group of like-minded friends, whom had a big enthusiasm for vaping and cars. They’ve got the idea of RevTech when they desired to produce something unique and different that would fit their ways of life. They decided to go on with the RevTech concept when they attended a car show. And with its grand offering of their first RevTech product in the same year of 2017, they did it against all odds. It was a huge success and the rest was history. The 4200mAh REV Sport 101W TC Box MOD is one of the famous products offered by RevTech that is considered to be a multi-purpose performance vaping device, integrating a long lasting 4200mAh rechargeable battery with sophisticated output settings and interchangeable grills for a customizable sporty look. Its superb design having a unique dial style screen with various modes makes it another exciting feature. It is built for agility, comfortable feel and speed with sleek appearance like a racing car. You can choose from 3 color variations: blue, red or black. And for other RevTech products, visit the leading distributor of these products and all other well-known products and brands- EFUMA.COM. Products provided by EFUMA are durable and at the same time have passed all the strict compliance implemented by FDA and other regulatory authorities for the sale and distribution of these vaping merchandises and its accessories. Grab these exciting products in bulk orders and wholesalers can get them at reasonable prices, giving them the opportunity to gain more profits in the future. And since EFUMA now offers a day-to-day shipment of their merchandises to countries that are covered by Europe, these EU countries can now assure of their products’ faster delivery service and smoother business transactions. Only get these high quality RevTech products from the leader in distributorship- EFUMA.COM, and you can puff and vape with confidence.