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The RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds found below can be used to subscribe to changes and additions to certain product categories on For example, you can subscribe to 'Coming soon' to get notified every time we put up a new product for pre-order. You could also subscribe to 'Special offers' to get notified whenever a we discount a product.

To access the feeds, an RSS reader is required; we have the following recommendations:

1 - Mozilla Firefox - Firefox comes with a built in RSS reader, where the different feeds can be added as 'Live bookmarks'.

2 - Microsoft Outlook - Outlook has built-in RSS support, where each feed appears as its own Inbox. You will recieve updates to the feeds as emails if you choose to use Outlook. To locate the actual RSS feed link, right click 'Get Feed' for the specific feed you are interested in and select Copy link. This is the link that is to be pasted in Outlook. A more in depth guide for subscribing via Outlook can be found here: Microsoft Support

3- Google Chrome - Chrome does not include an RSS reader, but several addon options are available for download to add the functonality to the browser. Our addon of choice would be: RSS Feed Reader

Category Feeds
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