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SAMSUNG- Brand that lasts “SAMSUNG is another well-known brand of electronics products that is famous from all over the world because of their innovative creations of televisions and cellular phones.” Samsung is a world leader in electronics devices and specializes in the production of a wide variety of consumer and industry electronics, including appliances, digital media devices, semiconductors, memory chips, and integrated systems. They also entered the vaping industry by offering their power products like the battery which is primarily used for accessories of your vaping device. The 2000mAh Samsung 20S 18650 30A Battery is a high-drain, unprotected raw cell that has a continuous discharge rating of 30A, perfect for powering custom packs. The 3000MAH SAMSUNG 30T 21700 35A FLAT TOP battery features an incredibly low resistance, and truly a cutting edge 21700 cell for all types of applications. The Samsung INR 18650-30Q is an 18650 battery with the capacity of 3000mAh on a flat top version. It can also handle a 20A continuous load and with the same power as LG HG2. Samsung, with its professional R&D team and strict quality control system to guarantee the very best in product quality, continually works with designers and researchers to develop new products that bring users the best and most healthy alternatives to traditional smoking by the use of vaping products and their accessories. And as the electronic cigarette industries grow and change the world of cigarette smoking, Samsung products help to provide support for the vaping industry by delivering its high-quality accessories that many consumers want for their e-cigarettes.. Vapers all over Europe are given a wide array of choices of products to suite every vaper’s taste and design. And we at EFUMA.COM only offers the best products and names in e-cig and its accessories, and Samsung is one of them. Rest assured that our products are 100% authentic and you will see the difference. To all vape lovers , when looking for best brands for your e-vape and its accessories, you got it here at”