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Silverline – Making your E-cig tastes better ! “Silverline flavorings is a brand of e-juice exclusively manufactured by Capella Flavors, one of the leading brands in e-juices.” Silverline flavorings were designed to give every vaper the quality you can taste at a price that you can afford. All these Silverline flavors were scientifically processed, crafted for perfection. They were manufactured with propriety manufacturing methods, thus giving every vape lover better flavors and in return gives Silverline better business. The Silverline - Black Currant is deeply sweet, dark berry candy flavor without tasting like a generic "mixed berry.” This European favorite has a sweet earthy taste unlike other berries. Fresh gooseberry and passion-fruit-raspberry, mixed with the floral aromatic notes of carnations and roses. The SilverLine – Crunchy Frosted Cookie gives you a savory crunch topped with creamy frosting and sprinkles. Soft, buttery and light cookie goodness. Just that - hints of pastry and sweet icing will make a great addition to any e-juice or as a standalone flavor. Why not hang out with friends and try the taste of Silverline flavors, exclusively made by Capella Flavors. Just get it from the leading distributor of well-known vaping products and brands-EFUMA.COM. All you need for vapor cigarettes is here. Their products have been certified safe for vaping by FDA and other regulatory agencies that evaluate and approve the sale and distribution of these vaping products. Furthermore, you can buy these merchandises in bulk orders, which gives wholesalers the edge of getting them in reasonable prices and at the same time, the chance to gain more profits in this business venture in the future. And because EFUMA now has a day-to-day shipment of their merchandises in countries that are situated in Europe, they can now be sure of a smoother business transaction and faster delivery service of their orders with EFUMA. Be smart, love vapor cigarettes and avoid tobacco. Because smoking can be dangerous, get a Silverline product now and give your e-cig the best tasting puff of your life! Where to buy it? Only, from the leading distributor- EFUMA.COM.