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SUNDBYGAARD E-Liquids – A taste of “Dane “ “ Sundbygaard is a brand collection of various e-juices manufactured in the EU, emphasizing on good taste and affordable prices for vape lovers around the world. “ “Also known as e-liquid, e-juice, or vape liquid, vape juice refers to the liquid products we put in our electronic cigarette or vape, to produce he vapor itself. Sundbygaard has a wide range of flavor variants in e-liquid, which means that without a doubt there is also a variant for you. Because of the wide variety of choices of different e-juice flavorings sold out in the market, at Sundbygaard, you can find that perfect flavor of juice you are searching that will suit your taste. These flavorings can be purchased at EFUMA.COM, the leading distributor of various vaping products and brands, including e-liquids. This comes from a small box with 10ml bottle, having a drip tip, containing your favorite e-juice. This e-juice from Sundbygaard, like most other e-liquids, is made from: a. Propylene Glycol b. Vegetable Glycerin c. Nicotine d. Aroma of Food Quality All these ingredients filled in a soft, plastic bottle, so is easy for you as a vaper to fill your tank with e-juice from Sundbygaard. For your excellent e-juice flavoring, only choose Sundbygaard, exclusively offered by EFUMA.COM. As a consumer of vaping products, you are assured that all products provided by EFUMA have passed the required certifications and approval from the respective certification agencies that approve its sale and distribution not only in local stores but also in abroad. Because of its strict compliance, every client is guaranteed 100% satisfaction and all these products are reliable assumed to be safe if used properly as indicated. And for the wholesalers, you are given the chance to earn from this business venture since EFUMA products are sold in reasonable prices, much cheaper from other competitors. And for the countries in Europe, EFUMA has a day-to-day shipment giving these EU countries greater opportunity to make “ good business “ with EFUMA and other business associates. Seeking for the best e-juice, remember SUNDBYGAARD, from EFUMA.COM.”