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T- Juice – Not just a juice, because it’s for your E-vape! “T-juice is a brand of e-liquid that is UK-made. It features a distinctive collection of flavors, with fruit, menthol, dessert and soda blends. T-Juice E-liquids has been creating premium e-liquids since 2012. This makes us one of the longest running brands on the market. We create delicious flavors to suit every palette – from liquor-ice menthol mixes to fruity berry bursts. The T-Juice Gin's Addiction flavoring is a blend of white gin, natural blackcurrant, absinthe, lemon, a mint fusion and light menthol combined to create a seriously intoxicating concoction. A fantastic vape with enduring complexity that will keep you fixated from dusk till dawn. The 10ml Vamp Vape by T-Juice is a creamy dessert blend with rich flavors. It’s a delicious mixture of caramel with a hint of coconut. Embrace the spirit of Halloween with this hair-raising blend of caramel extract and cream. The exotic coconut aftertaste also provides a subtle contrast to the caramel's rich sweetness. Just mix your favorite flavoring with the corresponding Nic shot proportions. Make sure to follow instructions on mixing and also steeping to get the maximum flavor and vapor from your e-cigarette. Why smoke when you can vape? And with T-Juice e-liquids, gives your e-vape the flavor and vapor that’s long-lasting and refreshing. Grab one from the leading supplier of T-Juice e-liquids as well as other well-known brands and products sold in the market today- www.EFUMA.COM. You can be sure that their products passed the FDA certification and other compliance as required by other regulatory bodies for the sale and distribution of all vaping products and accessories. For wholesalers, grab these products in reasonable prices and you can have the chance for profit gains in the future. And since a day- to- day shipment is now offered by Efuma to the countries situated in Europe, business transactions will now be smoother and delivery service of their orders will now be faster. For your best vaping experience, choose T-Juice e-liquids, only from the leading supplier of vaping products in Europe-EFUMA.COM.