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Tenshi – A Brand that feels like Japanese on a Summer Breeze! “Tenshi E-liquid brand is an e-liquid manufacturer who combined high quality fruity flavored creations with Japanese neon- themed designs.” Tenshi e-liquids bring out the exciting flavors that customers are searching for with their artistic neon-colored designs from every bottle. Their product line gives every vaper the feeling of summer breeze and make you enjoy your summer vacation at all with their flavors. The artwork adds delightfulness for the vapers as well. The Tenshi Rush is one of the best-selling flavors because of its grape and lime soda blend that leaves you with a sour soda twist. The grape flavor comes in when you inhale and the lime soda gives you that exciting taste when you exhale from your e-cigarette. The blend is well-balanced that it exactly matches the flavor profile with the vaping you want for your e-cig. The taste of tangy limes is present throughout with hints of tart grapes for a punchy fruit hit. The Tenshi Excite is juicy berry blend of sweet and tart Black currants on the inhale paired up with sweet wild forest Blueberries on the exhale. A blend that sits perfectly between sweet and sour, without the menthol hit. Every customer can choose a wide array of Tenshi flavorings that will surely suit every consumer’s tastebuds. That is why they are famous from customers around the globe. And to give yourself a puff of Tenshi e-juice for your e-cigarette, get it only from the leading distributor of Tenshi products, and all other well-known brands and products- They offer a wide array of vaping products and accessories and you can be sure that these merchandises are 100% genuine and reliable. Moreover, their merchandises passed the FDA certifications and other TPD-compliant requirements for its sale and distribution. For wholesalers, they can get these products in bulk orders at reasonable prices, cheaper than their rivals. This gives every wholesaler the chance for gaining profits in the future. And now that they also deliver products to European countries via shipment on a day-to-day basis, their clients from EU countries can now experience smoother business transactions and faster delivery service of their orders from Efuma. Ready to vape with us? Then it’s time for a Tenshi e-juice for your e-vape. Grab it only from the leading supplier in Europe-