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TESLACIGS Brand - A Commitment to Consumers’ Value-for-Money Enjoyment “ Tesla or most commonly known as ”TESLACIGS” is a brand of vape products that e-cigarette lovers also find it a good brand of vape compared to other leading brands in the market. Their products are designed with high quality, state-of-the-art technology and really innovative designs.” “ Established in 2013, TESLACIGS is a well-known e-cigarette brand, which integrates product R&D, design, production and sales. Strong R&D strength is the driving force for its continuous development. Tesla’s vape tanks, box mods, and starter kits are favorites in the vapor market for good reason: they are made of high-quality materials, great facilities, advanced technology and truly innovative designs. Over the past seven years, TESLACIGS has supported the concept of “innovation and development”, adheres to R&D on electronic cigarettes and technological innovation, and is committed about quality and safety. All of these programs are designed to meet the worldwide needs of vapers to upgrade products and give them a better vaping experience. It has its own system to ensure that every product can be availed by every user to bring consumers value-for-money enjoyment, and strive to make TESLACIGS the world's most innovative and well-known brand. And you can only get these great TESLACIGS products from, the leading distributor of Teslacigs vaping products and other well-known brands in the market. Here at Efuma, every consumer is assured of the products’ quality and reliability since all these products passed the ISO certifications and FDA approval as required by the concerned governing agency for the sale and distribution of vaping products locally and internationally. Nevertheless, Efuma made a name in the vaping business because of its dedication and service to its consumers and business partners in the vaping industry. And since Efuma offers their products in bulk orders, wholesalers as well as their business partners have the opportunity to gain profits from this business venture because Efuma offers all products at reasonable prices. And for countries in Europe, Efuma provides a day-to-day shipment of their products to these EU countries for a faster and better business transactions every day.”