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Vapesoon Technology – Providing E-cigs for Customers’ Satisfaction “ Vapesoon Technology is a professional e-cigarette manufacturer established since 2009. They are well known for their useful e-cigarette accessories from silicone-made skins to glass tubes.” Vapesoon Technology offers vaping products made from the finest materials to give their customers 100% satisfaction for every Vapesoon product they use. They have a professional R&D team and a group of skillful workers that work hand-in-hand to produce the best vaping product that Vapesoon can offer. With the addition of extensive quality control system and excellent after sales services, Vapesoon devices and accessories have been exported all over the world. Looking into every customer’s needs for their vaping pleasure, Vapesoon aims to deliver the best product for their customers, and make them their top priority in the vaping community. The Vapesoon Silicone Rubber Skin for SMOK Alien Mod is specifically designed for the said Mod from SMOK. It is made from silicone rubber and you can choose from 10 exciting color variations. This rubber skin will not only protect your Alien MOD from scraping, but also give it a new look. The Vapesoon Universal Silicone Dust Cap for Tank is made of silicone material that makes it extremely durable to use. It fits most tanks with diameter from 19mm to 25mm or mouthpieces from 7mm to 17mm. You can choose from 8 color variations. Anything you want for your e-cigarette, choose Vapesoon Technology, maker of e-cigarette products and accessories. Where to buy it? Just visit EFUMA.COM- the world leader in vaping product distributorship. You can choose from a variety of brands and products, aside from offering Vapesoon devices. The consumers are sure of the products’ authenticity and reliability since it is from EFUMA.COM. Moreover, their products passed the strict compliance required by FDA and other regulatory bodies that evaluate and approve the sale and distribution of vaping products. And for bulk orders, wholesalers can get these exciting products in lower prices as compared from their rivals in the market, giving them the opportunity to earn profits from this type of business venture. And lastly, EFUMA has a day-to-day shipment of their merchandises to countries covered by the European continent, making their business transactions smoother and deliveries faster. It is not only the brand but the quality that speaks, and it’s Vapesoon e-cigarette brand. Just secure one at EFUMA.COM- leader in offering vaping products globally.