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Vaporesso Brand – One of the Best Brands in the Vaping Industry “ Vaporesso was created in 2015, with its main goal : to make a smoke-free world, raising the life quality of their consumers. Its mission is to develop products “beyond the ordinary.” “ “ If you are seeking for great vaping products, consider Vaporesso products to be on your list. Vaporesso take its quality exceptionally seriously, subjecting not only their raw materials to extensive testing but also their finished products. Thanks to the constant R&D of the large laboratories belonging to SMOORE, this company continue fundamental research to overcome technical barriers and focus on customer-centric design to create products that go beyond limits. Vaporesso vape pens were scientifically engineered, satisfying in nicotine, flavors and smoothness of airflow. They made pod mods to satisfy every vaper’s taste, and with a bit of easy-to-carry and simplicity in style. And by considering these factors: taste concentration, ease of use, style and ergonomics, safety; Vaporesso discovered that the only way to fix these issues is by utilizing innovations, through guaranteed quality. All aspects of Vaporesso products have undergone extreme testing to assure every consumer that they can get the best from Vaporesso. And with the its partnership with the leading distributor of well-known vaping brands and products in Europe,, every consumer is entitled 100% satisfaction from all Vaporesso products. Efuma not only markets Vaporesso products but they also passed all the requirements needed for the strict compliance of selling and distributing these vaping products in the vaping community. So, if you are looking for reliability, durability and authenticity of all vaping products, get it only from EFUMA. And to those countries located in Europe, Efuma has a day-to-day shipment of all their products to these EU countries so that they would be able to receive their orders on time. And for bulk orders, wholesalers are given the golden opportunity to earn more profits because Efuma offers much cheaper prices on their products to their wholesalers compared to others. “