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MSRP: 199,- DKK

Packing Details:1pc - Vilter-PB (1600mAh)
1pc - Type-C Cable
1pc - User Manual

Compatible With:
Aspire - Vilter S Battery

Parameters: • Dimension (mm): 45.3 x 21.2 x 87
• Battery: Built-in 1600mAh
• Material: The main body is made from ABS and rubber oil through plastic injection and spraying process

Features:1. The 1600mAh capacity can charge your Vilter and Vilter S multiple time (Vilter: 3.5 times; Vilter S: 3.2 times)
2. 2A rapid self-recharge, the Vilter Power bank can be fully charged in 50 minutes
3. The Vilter and Vilter S can be fully charged in 40 minutes through the power bank
4. Dual Type-C ports.
5. Compact and easy to carry, cable-free charging wherever you go
6. Halo ring power indicators.
7. Aspire ASP chipset for safety protection

Tips: - Compatible with Vilter and Vilter S kit

Aspire - Vilter powerbank 1600mah - EC-ID : 00219-22-28350

Product No: 29442

Vilter Powerbank 1600mAh DK TPD Label

Compatible with Vilter and Vilter S, powered by 1600 mAh battery, this powerbank is your best partner for daily vape life.