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WOTOFO – The Brand of “ Balance and Harmony “ “ WOTOFO is another well-known vaping industry that has established its name being a leader in rebuildable devices, producing some of today’s top RDAs, RTAs, Mods, kits and accessories.” “ WOTOFO’s passion for vaping, having the experienced engineers and concentration on innovation led them to be one of the most respected vaping brands today. Formed in 2012, WOTOFO has firmly established themselves as a go-to vape brand. The green color used by WOTOFO makes them unique from others, because the green color is the most common color of nature, and for this company, Green relates to balance and harmony. At WOTOFO, there are skilled leaders who shape their vision, experienced engineers who aim for the best, friendly salespeople who work passionately, and all the other support teams that are full of ideas to add more color, creativity and joy to work. In 2014, WOTOFO released the "game changing" FREAKSHOW RDA which launched WOTOFO into the worldwide market and cemented the brands reputation for innovative, quality and user-friendly products within the vaping sector, winning the respect and admiration of users, reviewers and engineers. Until today, WOTOFO has been recognized by many users as one of the best brands of vaping products and this is because of their continuing search for new ideas for its products. You can get these great WOTOFO products only from the EU leading distributor and supplier of electronic products and other vaping accessories, Every user will not be left behind when it comes to its vaping needs because EFUMA has a lot to offer for newbies and expert users as well. All products from Efuma are compliant and 100% genuine, and you can be sure that you get the best from it. Furthermore, wholesalers can buy the products at a much cheaper price compared to others, therefore giving them opportunity to earn profits from their business. And for countries in the European continent, these countries can have a day-to-day business transactions with EFUMA since it now has a day-to-day shipment of all their products to these EU countries. Go for WOTOFO products, only from, the leader in distributorship in Europe. “